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Our main focus is to get you well and we promise to ensure you get the appropriate care for your condition. Rest assured if you have something we can not take care of for you in our office, we will refer you to the appropriate professional. Over the years we have developed a great relationship with the medical community and work well with integrated health service to get you feeling your best! Your first couple of chiropractic adjustments will produce one of three responses:

IMPROVEMENT: Most patients report relief and an improved sense of ease with their first adjustments. This sets in motion a series of changes as each visit builds on the ones before. Careful! Though you may feeling much better, discontinuing care too soon, before lasting changes are made, invites a relapse.

SLOWER CHANGE: In cases of chronic health problems, progress comes more slowly. Since it's probably taken years for your health to reach the symptomatic stage, recovery takes time. Obviously, creating new, healthier spinal patterns will require several visits. Be patient and optimistic - we are!

TEMPORARY SETBACK: On rare occasions, especially in case of a recent accident or injury, it can seem as if your problem is worsening. This is natural - and temporary. Reducing inflammation takes time and many factors will affect the speed of your recovery.

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